List of Killer Insects?

Answer Deaths from wasp and bee stings are more numerous than those from snakebites in the United States. Insects also cause more injuries and deaths than bombs and bullets during major wartime conflicts,... Read More »

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How to Make a Killer 'to Do List?

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List of Poisonous Insects That Can Spit?

Among the many varieties of venomous insects, some species are capable of projecting a poisonous or caustic substance from their bodies as a defense mechanism. These liquids are typically synthesi... Read More »

Name List of Common Insects in the Philippines?

The hot temperatures and high humidity create a rainforest-like climate in the Philippines, allowing life for more than 25,000 kinds of insects. Insects in the Asian country range from common ones,... Read More »

List of Wood Destroying Insects?

When it comes to wood-damaging insects, there are many more than just termites. Dozens of different insect species can infiltrate wood and slowly destroy it, causing structural damage. It's importa... Read More »