List of Invasive Plants in California?

Answer Invasive plants are non-native plants infesting ecosystems including wildlands, rangelands and pastures. These plants are introduced into the landscape by being planted as ornamentals, food crops o... Read More »

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Where do invasive plants come from?

AnswerOther countries than the native plants. other areas to the area in which they are growing, for example Acacia saligna is native to Western Australia, but it is an invasive weed on the east c... Read More »

What does invasive plants&animals mean?

An invasive species is a species that is not native to an ecosystem. The introduction of an invasive species is likely to cause harm to the ecosystem, the environment, human health or economic inte... Read More »

How to Identify Invasive Pond Plants?

Invasive pond plants--non-native aquatic plants that spread aggressively--can create a big problem in your water garden or pond. They may be attractive or even beautiful, but invasive plants are pu... Read More »

How to Kill Invasive Ground Cover Plants?

Invasive ground cover plants are low-growing and spread quickly. These types of invasive plants will take all the moisture and nutrients from any surrounding plants, resulting in stunted growth or ... Read More »