List of Hidden Symbols on a Keyboard?

Answer There are thousands of hidden symbols that a computer user can enter into any word processor using a variety of methods. These symbols can be anything from the more commonly used punctuation symbol... Read More »

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How Can I Get German Symbols on My Keyboard?

Microsoft Windows allows you to change the language layout of your keyboard from the Control Panel's keyboards and language settings. Five varieties of German are available, from Austria, Germany, ... Read More »

How to Type Symbols on a Keyboard?

Sometimes it’s fun to type symbols on the keyboard, and sometimes it's necessary to type symbols for more academic and professional situations. Whether you’re playing with emoticons in a chat r... Read More »

How to Make Other Symbols on a PC Keyboard?

While a computer can recognize literally thousands of different symbols, modern and ancient, there can only be so many keys on a keyboard. You can access two main lists of characters in just about ... Read More »

How do u make symbols from the keyboard ?

That's what I wanna know...I'm still figuring out my laptop..EDIT.Here's a website [under source] I found under someone else's question that was asked a while ago. =] It has the stars and skulls an... Read More »