List of Fragrant/Potent Flowers?

Answer The best Fragrant flowers areDianthusGARDENIA: Classic white gardenias contrast sharply against the plant's shiny, deep green leaves.Nicotiana: releases its fragrance at night to attract the moths ... Read More »

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List the Uses of Flowers?

Flowers celebrate emotions. As symbols of comfort, happiness and renewal, individuals not only enjoy receiving flowers, but giving this type of gift helps them express empathy. People sending flora... Read More »

List of Well Known Flowers?

While it's always a good idea to stop and smell the roses, it's also worth taking a moment to enjoy other popular varieties of flowers. With enticing scents, beautiful petals and the ability to bri... Read More »

List of Desert Flowers?

Most people, when thinking about the desert, imagine a dry, sandy wasteland with little life. In reality, several dozen species of flowers grow well in the dry, arid heat of the desert, and have ad... Read More »

List of Endangered Flowers?

Due to deforestation, contamination, the presence of other species and other maladies, there are many endangered species on the planet. The root cause of species endangerment is the growth of the h... Read More »