List of Fox Breeds?

Answer Twenty-two species of fox exist worldwide and are spread between five genera of the canidae family of mammals that includes wolves, dogs, coyotes and jackals; the fox is related to all four. As can... Read More »

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List of Hawk Breeds?

The term "hawk" refers to various birds of prey. Many birds from the sub-family Accipitrinae may be called a hawk however a "true" hawk is any bird of the genus Accipiter. Generally hawks have slim... Read More »

List of Rare Breeds of Donkeys?

Due to varying geographic isolation, climate, and human need, there was once a great deal of diversity in terms of donkey breeds. These many different breeds differed in color, size, weight, and be... Read More »

List of Heritage Chicken Breeds?

Now that chickens are finding favor as city pets who happen to lay beautifully formed fresh eggs, more people are becoming interested in the wide variety that is available. Heritage Chickens are a... Read More »

List of Rare Canine Breeds?

There are hundreds of different canine breeds, some of which date back to the age of the primal man. As one of the most popular domesticated animals, dogs have earned the title "man's best friend.... Read More »