List of Foods & Plants That Are Toxic to Dogs?

Answer Many common foods and plants in your home and yard can make your dog sick. Sometimes a dog will consume just a little, with no obvious bad effects. However, many of these items cause organ damage t... Read More »

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A List of Toxic Foods for Dogs?

Some foods and beverages that are edible and safe for people and other animal species may be hazardous or deadly for dogs. Some foods contain toxins that may cause mild digestive upsets, whereas, o... Read More »

ASPCA List of Toxic Foods for Dogs?

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has compiled a list of 11 "people" foods that owners should steer their dogs clear of. Most of these foods are toxic to dogs.

A List of Dangerous Household Foods & Plants for Dogs?

Ingesting certain foods or plants can lead to grave consequences for dogs--consequences that include coma or death. Symptoms can occur within minutes or take days to manifest. If you suspect your d... Read More »

Gardenia Plants That Are Toxic to Dogs?

Gardenias are described by the University of Rhode Island as shrubs and ornamental plants that thrive in the southern portion of the United States, as they cannot tolerate severe cold. There are se... Read More »