List of Endangered Species in the United States?

Answer Many wildlife and plant species in the United States are considered endangered by the U.S. government. Endangerment means these species are close to being extinct. Some of the reasons for an animal... Read More »

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What is the United States Endangered Species Act?

The United States Endangered Species Act protects species of plants, fungi, animals and invertebrates in danger of extinction by placing penalties upon their destruction or harm or the destruction ... Read More »

Nevada Endangered Species List?

The dry and arid environment in Nevada is not as habitable for wildlife species as other states. However, certain regions of the Silver State have water sources and vegetation to sustain wildlife s... Read More »

How many animals are on the endangered species list?

The global endangered species list is constantly growing due primarily to loss of habitat and human encroachment. The worldwide list of endangered animal species contains about 10,801 members, whil... Read More »

List of Endangered Species in Mississippi?

Mississippi offers warm climates and forested areas to a variety of wildlife species. However, some of Mississippi's native animals are on the brink of extinction, due to loss of habitat, overhunti... Read More »