List of Endangered Animals in Michigan?

Answer The geography of Michigan lends the state a variety of types of animals that reside in the region. Lake Michigan offers multiple creatures that don't appear in other parts of the country, and the f... Read More »

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List of Endangered Sea Animals?

Although many sea animals have cosmopolitan distributions, the populations of many marine creatures are dwindling. As of January 2010, 620 different marine species populations are threatened, accor... Read More »

List of Endangered Animals in England?

Being an endangered animal means that that specific species is on the verge of becoming extinct. An animal is put on the endangered species list either because there are so few of it left, or it is... Read More »

How many animals are on the endangered species list?

The global endangered species list is constantly growing due primarily to loss of habitat and human encroachment. The worldwide list of endangered animal species contains about 10,801 members, whil... Read More »

List of Endangered Animals in America?

Animals that are endangered are close to becoming extinct. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Species Report states that the United States has 614 animals on the endangered list and 1,200 are on th... Read More »