List of Deer Resistant Perennials?

Answer Deer are beautiful athletic creatures often seen browsing on vegetation in suburban and rural landscapes. While they are fun and interesting to watch, they often damage expensive perennials planted... Read More »

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Deer-Resistant Annuals and Perennials?

Deer eat vegetation, and when sufficient quantities are unavailable in their natural habitat, your garden becomes their food source. The use of deer-resistant plants has become commonplace in areas... Read More »

List of Deer Resistant Bushes & Flowers?

If you have deer in your area, chances are they will eventually find your garden. No plant or shrub is totally deer resistant, but choosing plants that are more deer resistant than others can save ... Read More »

Is Weigela deer resistant?

Weigela (Weigela florida) is a deciduous shrub that produces an attractive, multi-colored, trumpet-shaped flower in the early spring. According to the University of Georgia, weigela is a deer-resis... Read More »

Are hydrangeas deer resistant?

No, hydrangeas are not considered deer resistant. According to the West Virginia University Cooperative Extension, deer frequently damage hydrangeas. These plants may need chemical or physical prot... Read More »