List of Deductions Allowed for Income Tax?

Answer In the United States, both the federal and state governments levy taxes on your income. Income tax is divided into income brackets that determine how much you have to pay in income taxes. The Inter... Read More »

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Are tax deductions allowed when not paid in the year?

Taxpayers can claim any deductions they qualify for even if the taxpayer did not have any income for the year. However, deductions only reduce taxable income, so the deductions will not lead a taxp... Read More »

Definition of Income Tax Deductions?

All U.S. taxpayers are responsible for paying their fair amount of tax on or before the April 15 deadline. The amount of tax for which a taxpayer is responsible depends on his income, credits and d... Read More »

About IRS Income Tax Deductions?

The Internal Revenue Service reports overlooked deductions as one of the most common and costly of tax return blunders. Get every dollar you deserve from this year's tax return with common IRS dedu... Read More »

Oregon State Income Tax Deductions?

Those residing in Oregon are responsible for paying not only federal income taxes, but also Oregon state income taxes. Oregon state income taxes are among the highest state income taxes in the nati... Read More »