List of Debate Terminology?

Answer In formalized debates, two teams present speeches in favor of either side of a polarized issue, such as "communism vs. capitalism" or "the pros vs. the cons of registering handguns." Effective deba... Read More »

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TV Scriptwriting Terminology?

The world of television writing has a language all its own. If you plan to become a screenwriter, you'll need to be fluent in that language and know what certain terms mean. You'll also need to kno... Read More »

Pickleball Terminology?

Pickleball is a sport that combines elements of tennis, paddle ball and badminton using a plastic ball with holes. To take up the sport, you need to learn the terminology. Without it, fellow player... Read More »

Why use medical terminology?

Medical terminology or the language used by medical professionals, has been around for thousands of years. As an important part of health care, a variety of reasons exist for using medical terminol... Read More »

Medical Receptionist Terminology?

Medical terminology is a standardized language used throughout the health care arena. For medical receptionists to fulfill their tasks and communicate with doctors, insurance providers, patients an... Read More »