List of Countries in the Western Hemisphere?

Answer The world can easily be divided into hemispheres across many different lines. The Prime Meridian is the most common dividing line between eastern and western hemispheres. The Prime Meridian falls ... Read More »

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Who set US foreign policy for the Western Hemisphere?

I don't normally answer Cold War questions but in order for anyone to answer your question we would need to know the options to let you know which one is correct. You can resubmit your question wit... Read More »

Who set the us foreign policy for the western hemisphere?

Where was the first book printed in the Western Hemisphere?

The first confirmed book to be printed in the Western Hemisphere was a religious text called "Breve y más compendiosa doctrina Christiana en lengua Mexicana y Castellana." It was printed by Juan P... Read More »

What is the highest capital city in the western hemisphere?

La Paz, Bolivia, with elevations between 10,170 feet and 12,795 feet, is the highest capital city in the western hemisphere--and the world. La Paz, located in the western part of the country, is Bo... Read More »