List of Countries That Speak English?

Answer The English language is widely spoken around the globe, and is also the language used at the United Nations. Whether you are looking for a country to visit where you will not be hindered by not kno... Read More »

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How to Hang With a Guy That Can't Speak English Too Well?

It can be quite difficult to spend time with someone who doesn't speak the same language, but it is not impossible. Here are a few steps to get the friendship growing.

The Biggest Problems That People Have to Learn & Speak English?

The biggest problems to learn and speak English vary on the student's native language, but can be generalized into four categories: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and differences between spoken... Read More »

List of countries that Ghana citizens can enter visa free?

Where can one learn to speak the type of English the BBC used to speak before it dumbed itself down?

Not collectively but each actors website has a contact address or a way to get one for each actor