List of Bushes With Blue Flowers?

Answer Blue bushes are often referred to as such because of the color of the flowers festooned along their branches. While not the most common, there are several bushes throughout the Americas, Europe and... Read More »

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List of Deer Resistant Bushes & Flowers?

If you have deer in your area, chances are they will eventually find your garden. No plant or shrub is totally deer resistant, but choosing plants that are more deer resistant than others can save ... Read More »

Fall Protection for Perennial Flowers & Bushes?

Gardeners should take care to protect their perennial flowers and bushes from harsh winter weather. Properly preparing your plants during the fall will ensure healthy plants with colorful blooms wi... Read More »

What are some tropical looking plants, trees or bushes with ORANGE flowers?

Cape honeysuckle (Tecomaria capensis), Freesia grandiflora, Crocosmia aruea, Tritonia disticha, Scadoxus puniceus, many of the aloes, Glads (Gladioulus dalenii), Ericas etc. to name a few.

Flowering Bushes With Heart-Shaped Pink Flowers?

Late spring brings many beautiful flowers to shady spots in gardens across the United States. Among them are perennials with a bush-like habit that sport long appendages from which dangle heart-sha... Read More »