List of Appropriate Classroom Rules in the Fourth Grade?

Answer Elementary classrooms with rules and consequences are better learning environments. The structure of classroom rules creates an atmosphere that encourages children to use self-control, teaches appr... Read More »

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Fourth Grade Math Rules for Averaging?

The concept of averaging is one of several components in the fourth grade math curriculum. This straight-forward two-step process consists of two mathematical operations--addition and division. Onc... Read More »

How to Integrate a Choir into a Fourth-Grade Classroom?

In elementary school, there are typically a wide range of clubs and activities for children to take part in. But often they have minimal time to work together to hone their skills, gathering solely... Read More »

Fourth Grade Classroom Activities on Polygons?

Fourth-graders are probably familiar with some polygons, such as squares, rectangles and triangles, but they may be confused about others, such as octagons, pentagons and parallelograms. An effecti... Read More »

How to Promote Math in a Fourth-Grade Classroom?

Teachers face the challenge of making mandated curriculum exciting for their students. Many students find subjects such as math boring and believe that it is useless to them. However, math can be p... Read More »