List of Animals That See Black & White?

Answer For years, dogs were believed to be color blind with the ability to see in only black and white. However, studies have revealed that dogs have two retinal cones allowing limited color to pass throu... Read More »

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If a man that is half black and half white has a baby with a all white woman what are the odds of the baby being white skinned?

I'll have to go with white because many people i know that is like that normally they come out the same color of their mother.

Is there a white person that has black hairive never seen that before.?

Does anyone know where I can find a list of makeup brands that do not test on animals?…Edit: That was the wrong link -- it does have products not tested on animals, but I was looking for a particular link in my bookmarks and got that by acc... Read More »

If i have colored ink only and want to print a black and white text will it come out black and white?

It depends. The answer is Yes if the printer doesn't normally have a black ink cartridge. If it normally does have one it will probably not be black and white.Just a quick why. Some printers mak... Read More »