List of AMD Motherboards?

Answer Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is second only to Intel in making computer chips for Microsoft Windows, Linux and other desktop systems. Unlike Intel, AMD doesn't make its own motherboards but creates... Read More »

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Are all motherboards even?

A lot of motherboards have on board graphics, I HIGHLY recommend going to this website buy almost all my parts from there (i... Read More »

How Do Motherboards Become Damaged?

Improper handling during installation, or during other computer maintenance, can cause damage to a motherboard. For example, bending the motherboard can cause popping of the circuits. Scratching th... Read More »

Can you name some am3+ motherboards that have pci express 3.0 please?

The truth is you don't need it. I know that because you can crossfire 7970 on a ASUS M4A89GTD PRO, which is what I suggest, and still get the full power. Am3 PCI 3.0 doesn't even exist... yet, and ... Read More »

What else needs doing if you change motherboards.?

Typically, if you want to change your processor and motherboard you should also check the following:1. Memory (RAM). Make sure you have the correct type and speed.2. Video card. A new motherboard... Read More »