List of 5 Star Rated Front & Side Cars?

Answer When buying a car, consumers want to know whether they are stepping into something safe and reliable. The U.S. Department of Transportation makes car buying easier by releasing annual crash safety ... Read More »

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List of All Front Wheel Drive Cars?

The biggest advantage for Front Wheel Drive (FWD) vehicles is that they are easier to handle than Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) cars in bad driving conditions. Since the capability's introduction, most ma... Read More »

On my 2002 ford wind star the front driver side brake and rear passenger brake are getting really hot?

Vehicles typically have a dual diagonal braking system. So if something is stuck or dragging the left front or right rear brake, it can heat up and boil the brake fluid which can make both brakes d... Read More »

Diagnose Front Suspension Steering Problems in Front Wheel Drive Cars?

Front wheel drive cars use a strut-type suspension that is composed of a strut, a hub assembly and a lower control arm affixed to the bottom of the strut. They all invariably use a rack and pinion ... Read More »

Is the Amana ASZ18 Energy Star rated?

The Amana ASZ18 heat pump is Energy Star compliant. This means that it delivers at least the same performance as comparable heat pumps and uses less energy, saving its owner money.Source:Mold Contr... Read More »