List Four Causes of Weathering?

Answer Weathering occurs when the appearance or texture of an object (generally rock) is worn down by exposure to the atmosphere. This can occur due to either chemical decomposition or physical disintegra... Read More »

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What is salt weathering?

Weathering refers to the process by which rock is broken down over time. It is called "salt weathering" when salt is involved in the process. Does this Spark an idea?

What is an example of physical weathering?

Weathering refers to the process by which rocks are broken down into smaller pieces over time. The three kinds of weathering are chemical weathering, biological weathering, and physical weathering.... Read More »

What is brick weathering?

Weathering refers to the natural process that breaks bricks down over time. Although brick is a sturdy building material and can last for hundreds of years, it is also susceptible to some forms of ... Read More »

What is biological weathering?

Rocks and minerals are sometimes considered sterile, timeless pieces of earth. However, they are often broken down due to various weathering processes, even at microscopic levels. One of these proc... Read More »