List Four Causes of Weathering?

Answer Weathering occurs when the appearance or texture of an object (generally rock) is worn down by exposure to the atmosphere. This can occur due to either chemical decomposition or physical disintegra... Read More »

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What Are the Four Causes of Mechanical Weathering?

The process of weathering breaks down rocks exposed to the elements into smaller particles that can be carried away by wind and water erosion. Weathering is divided into three broad categories: mec... Read More »

Four Types of Physical Weathering?

Weathering is the natural process by which rock is broken down into soil. The two main types of weathering are chemical weathering and physical weathering. Physical weathering, sometimes referred t... Read More »

The Causes of Chemical Weathering?

As rocks and minerals shift and move from the Earth's womb to the surface, the subjection of the surface environment that causes the breakdown and alteration of these rocks and minerals results in ... Read More »

Four Major Causes of Change in the Ecosystem?

Ecosystem changes take place both on small-scale and large-scale levels as the result of countless interlocking factors. The causes of ecosystem change may be divided into two types: direct drivers... Read More »