List 5 things you could not photograph?

Answer - God - air - your soul - sound - scent - taste - thought - common sense

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How to Photograph Small Things?

1:1 macro of a dung fly, by Luc Viator.The world of macro photography[1] is a fun one to explore. You can use your camera to see levels of detail that the human eye rarely (or never) does, whether ... Read More »

"The 25 Things That Killed Hip Hop" list, What do you think of this list and how many do you agree with?

A lot of that list is right on point, I do agree with most things on this list, but I'm judging that by what I saw, not the details(too much of a read, haha)But I especially agree with 2, 10, 11, 1... Read More »

I just bought my first Camcorder. What are some cool things to photograph?

Never give up on the neighbours (hint hint).

What kind of lense should you get for a Nikon D60 if you want to photograph small things like insects?

A dedicated macro lens is the best choice - something like the AF-S Micro-NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED would be a good first macro lens on a D60. A general purpose zoom with a macro setting would be an ac... Read More »