List 5 things you could not photograph?

Answer - God - air - your soul - sound - scent - taste - thought - common sense

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How to Photograph Small Things?

1:1 macro of a dung fly, by Luc Viator.The world of macro photography[1] is a fun one to explore. You can use your camera to see levels of detail that the human eye rarely (or never) does, whether ... Read More »

I just bought my first Camcorder. What are some cool things to photograph?

Never give up on the neighbours (hint hint).

"The 25 Things That Killed Hip Hop" list, What do you think of this list and how many do you agree with?

A lot of that list is right on point, I do agree with most things on this list, but I'm judging that by what I saw, not the details(too much of a read, haha)But I especially agree with 2, 10, 11, 1... Read More »

What kind of lense should you get for a Nikon D60 if you want to photograph small things like insects?

A dedicated macro lens is the best choice - something like the AF-S Micro-NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED would be a good first macro lens on a D60. A general purpose zoom with a macro setting would be an ac... Read More »