List 5 reasons why you think Linux is better than Windows?

Answer 1) Cost - The most obvious advantage of using Linux is the fact that it is free to obtain, while Microsoft products are available for a hefty and sometimes recurring fee. Microsoft licenses typical... Read More »

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How can I reformat an external hdd that was previously formatted with Linux via dish network to be windows compatible and Windows device manager has the option grayed out?

You are not able to transfer the recordings from the DVR receiver to your computer. The programming language used for the receiver is different than that used for computers. You can use an externa... Read More »

List of reasons why or when it is that you should add more memory to you computer, other?

1. make it faster2. you have $50 in your pocket and ran of ideas to do with it3. you want to run this program that has higher system requirements than your computer than handle

A List of Reasons of Why You Shouldn't Smoke?

Smoking cigarettes is an unhealthy and addictive habit that many people all across the world partake in. Smoking leads to a lot of unnecessary health problems and also is a major culprit behind pre... Read More »

List of Reasons Why Health Insurance Claims Are Denied?

Health insurance claims can be fully or partially denied, for a variety of reasons. When a claim denial occurs, the patient and provider have the opportunity to appeal the decision. You can reduce ... Read More »