Liquids That Effect Car Paint?

Answer Many liquids have a negative effect on car paint. These liquids that harm car paint–if left long enough–will ruin the paint and cause permanent damage to the surface of the car. If you want you... Read More »

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What is the effect of different liquids on plant growth?

Different liquids have different contends of substances included. Acid will the plant. And a soda that is flavored will trigger the diffusion of water from the soil to plants due to balanced amount... Read More »

How different liquids effect a plants growth?

Ok,yes if you do water the plants with different liquids the growth of the plants will be different and will effect the plants. Acid will kill the plants, some other liquids like a sports drink wil... Read More »

Waste liquids such as petroleum oils alcohol paint and solvents from the medical facility processes can be placed into refuse cans and dumpsters anywhere for pick up?

Egg's Effect on Car Paint?

The prank of egging cars has been around almost since cars were first invented. Many people recall fond childhood memories of soaping windows, tp-ing trees and egging cars during Halloweens of the ... Read More »