Liquid Hydrogen Uses?

Answer Liquid hydrogen is -- quite simply -- the liquid state of the gaseous element hydrogen. Its chemical symbol is LH2, the "L" standing for liquid. It is made and kept at exceptionally cold temperatur... Read More »

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At what psi does hydrogen become a liquid?

Liquefying some gases, such as hydrogen, is difficult. This is because hydrogen has such a high critical temperature, or the temperate above which it is impossible to liquefy regardless of increase... Read More »

When does hydrogen become a liquid?

Hydrogen's natural state is in gas form. It is the lightest of all gases, about 1/15 the weight of air. Hydrogen has the second lowest boiling point, just behind helium. At -252.76 degrees Celsius ... Read More »

Is hydrogen a liquid?

Hydrogen naturally occurs as a diatomic gas composed of two hydrogen molecules, represented by the chemical symbol H2. Colorless and odorless, hydrogen does not exist in liquid form; however, it ca... Read More »

How is liquid hydrogen produced?

Liquid hydrogen has long been used as a fuel in rockets, and now it powers some automobiles. Though hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, it doesn't occur naturally in liquid form.... Read More »