Liquid Fast Diets for Hollywood Stars?

Answer Celebrities are always on the lookout for, or they may pay a personal assistant to find, the latest super-fast ways to lose weight. With the numbers of premiers and award ceremonies celebrities att... Read More »

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Are liquid diets safe?

On One Hand: Recommended For Medical PurposesAccording to the Greenwich Hospital, a liquid diet is safe to follow if it is used for medical purposes, such as preparing before surgery. The hospital ... Read More »

How many stars are on Hollywood Boulevard?

The number of stars on Hollywood Boulevard constantly changes because of new additions at the rate of two stars a month. In 1958 Oliver Weismuller started the tradition. As of 2010, there are over ... Read More »

What fast food restaurants accept ebt in hollywood,ca.?

NONE,EBT is not to be used for fast food or any restaurant food. It can only legally be used for groceries. Food you must take home and prepare. Not precooked food that is ready to eat.I am amazed... Read More »

How much weight will be lost during a liquid fast?

You can lose between three and five pounds per week while on a complete liquid fast. While some dieters fast for a short time to lose a few pounds, others fast for weeks or months. Doctors supervis... Read More »