Lipozene does it work ?

Answer No - just another expensive fraud. The Diet Fraud Industry makes BILLIONS for scam artists. And as soon as they wear out one Lipozene fraud they create another sure fire way to lose weight.

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Does lipozene work?

First of all, Lipozene is distributed from the same "company" as Propolene, the other fishy infomercial that claims to magically "burn" off external body fat. The same products contain glucomannan ... Read More »

Does lipozene affect your blood pressure when taking?

It shouldn't. Unless you are not drinking enough water.I hope you bought it off the shelf and didn't buy it over the internet. If you bought it online be prepared for a huge shock when you get your... Read More »

What is lipozene?

Lipozene is a weight loss supplement pill that is registered to and produced by Obesity Research Institute LLC. It is promoted as an all natural supplement that is guaranteed to result in weight l... Read More »

Difference Between Zylotrim & Lipozene?

Losing weight seems to be impossible for many people. Among the many brands of products created to help those people who turn to a supplement in their efforts to lose weight are Zylotrim and Lipozene.