Linux mint question..difference in Maya, Kde, and xfce?

Answer Maya is the name of one Mint release (the "Mint version nickname").KDE and XFCE are both DTEs (Desktop Environments).Like most (all?) flavours of Linux, you can install more than one DTE and switch... Read More »

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I have linux mint 6, how do i upgrade to linux mint 7?

To be absolutely honest there is little or nothing to gain besides Linux Mint 6 is super stable and is the only primary distro. I run along side Ubuntu 9.04If you still wish to go ahead (and its no... Read More »

Linux Mint Vs. Linux Ubuntu "Jaunty" 9.04?

Ubuntu 9.04 is a fine release of the well respected distro.I thoroughly recommend Linux Mint 7 Main Edition which is built upon Ubuntu 9.04 Its easy to install and easy to use plus it comes with mu... Read More »

Which is the best linux os Linux Mint or Ubuntu and Why ?

Ubuntu all the way, baby!Linux Mint is really just Ubuntu but with a different name and UI and has certain exclusive features that Ubuntu doesn't have. However, Ubuntu also has it's own sets of fea... Read More »

Linux Mint ?

Hi, like one answerer said it takes like 3 to 4 weeks depending on how bug free Hardy is.Yes it will receive long term support and be a LTS cause they share with Ubuntu's repos.I don't think u can ... Read More »