Linked comments on youtube?

Answer If there's the linked comments are on YouTube, you can higlighted, you can press Ctrl button + C button on the keyboard to copy and then you can click on the internet box, press Ctrl button + V but... Read More »

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How do I change the email my Youtube account is linked to?

You can't. Once an email is used on a youtube account you can't use it again to make a new account."There is NO way to do what you want. Every single new YouTube account MUST be created using a NEW... Read More »

How to Get Comments on YouTube?

You may have some very creative Youtube videos, and you really want to get some feedback on them, but so far you don't have enough subscribers or enough people watching your videos at all to get an... Read More »

How do I find my own comments on youtube?

Why does it say comments currently unavailable on youtube?

I thought it was only me with that problem.