Link to wikipedia-article on corean language?

Answer This is their homepage:… and this is the article you are looking for:… .

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What is the lowest number that does not have an article or link on Wikipedia?

I think I've got it! It's 2530.Well, excluding negative numbers...Edit: Actually 2530 is in the 26th century and if you go to the 26th century (2530 doesn't redirect you there,2529 maybe...) and sc... Read More »

How can I add a new language article on Wikipedia?

To link to a Hindi-language article from a relevant article in another language's Wikipedia, go to the bottom of the other language's article and add a link like this:[[hi:Article title here]](For ... Read More »

How can i translate an article on Wikipedia in a new language?

Easy. Let's say it's the Tomato article (just for the sake of example).In English Wikipedia, go to Tomato, click edit, then at the end of that article, type in:[[fa:گوجه فرنگی]]Click save,... Read More »

Would translating a wikipedia article from one language to another be a good idea?

That's a wonderful idea Annie, Wikipedia has a translation project at "Wikipedia:Translation" where you can plug in. It is the goal of the Wikimedia Foundation to translate comprehensive knowledge ... Read More »