Line b problem parsing xml; 'null' is null or not an object?

Answer operator error

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Where do I get a email?

Hey!You can get it from their site: luck!╰♦╮ ÐÄŘĶǸÊŠš╰♦╮

How to Check Null in C?

Every wondered how to properly check for NULL in C ?Well, checking for NULL in C is easy.

Tell me about Gary Null, Ph.D.,?

He is a man of SHAM (see the book of the same name by Steve Salerno). His offerings are more woo than most.

What Is a Null Modem Cable?

A null modem cable allows two devices, such as two personal computers, to communicate directly to each other without any additional hardware. The simplest configuration has the transmit and receive... Read More »