Limewire illeagle?

Answer Because they can and they know the chances of getting caught is slim. People wont pay 1 dollar per song if they know they can get it for free. Even if it is just 1 dollar.

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Is Limewire Illeagle?

the program itself is NOT i repeat NOT illegal in anyway, but people make it illegal when they download copyrighted music from an artist that wants to make money. You can and will be caught if RIAA... Read More »

Is the use of cellphone while driving illeagle in some states?

I don't know which ones, but I believe in some it is. I think it should be illegal in all states, as should eating while driving. However, I am not the law makers, so there isn't much I can do abou... Read More »

After you download songs from limewire into your ipod can you delete them from LimeWire?

Answer yes you can, but is a good idea to keep a back up record of the music you download just in case.!!

When you use limewire, where does limewire save the music you download and how can you get to it ?

It saves it in the library in saved files.