Limewire help...does anyone know?

Answer its the type of software used 2 open and play the music. some will be mpg mp3 etc. try 1 first to see if its compatible with your program

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Does anyone know if limewire is safe?

Like all downloading programs, there are faults and viruses and there are things that you need to look out for. But overall, yes, Limewire is really very safe, as it has minimal viruses/trojans; et... Read More »

Does anyone know if Limewire harms your PC?

Limewire opens up your computer to viruses and spyware. I know a lot of friends that have made their computers crash beyond repair. its very harmful to your computer and i suggest that you dont use... Read More »

Do you know anyone who has been caught using Limewire illeagally?

A big answer, and believe me this subject has lot more sides so I could write more, but here is just in general, WHY NO ONE CANNOT BE CAUGHT,by using file sharing software.No, and don't listen no o... Read More »

Hey!! Does anyone know what Limewire is Is it free Does it harm your computer at all?

Limewire is a file sharing program. It is free and if you stay away from movies you should be fine. Movies tend to have viruses attached to them. Limewire is alright but you should get soulseek ins... Read More »