Limewire crashed my computer before.. How can I be safer this time?

Answer 1) Install a good security package. You can get a 30day Kaspersky trial.2) Limewire is a MAJOR threat. While you acces someone else's hard drive to transfer files, other people get to poke around... Read More »

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Computing help! I gave Gmail Motion the finger by accident and it crashed my computer. How do I avoid this?

if you give them the finger, it's one of their "hidden motions"....the finger causes your computer to crash,sticking your butt out to it causes your computer to get some giant worm,sticking your to... Read More »

Which is safer Frostwire or Limewire?

I'm not going to argue ethics since that isnt pertinent to the question... But neither one is safer than the other. The files you download are peer to peer meaning you download what other people ar... Read More »

Is frost wire safer than limewire?

Any computer that connects to P2P networks has the potential to get infected easily and quickly, especially if you are not careful as to what you are downloading.Copyrighted works are not only ille... Read More »

If you have LimeWire on your computer can you get songs from your iPod to go into LimeWire on your computer?

No.LimeWire is a program that downloads stuff. If you want a song on LimeWire, just download it.