Limewire Illegal!?

Answer Yes, using anything to download music without paying for it is illegal. Really, how can you possibly not know that? If you have to pay for it in a store or via iTunes, but can get it for free via... Read More »

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Is Limewire Pro illegal?

According to, their paid peer-to-peer product Limewire Pro is not illegal. However, it is illegal to use Limewire Pro to share unlawful pornographic material. It is also illegal to use... Read More »

Is limewire illegal if you pay for it?

On One Hand: Non-Copywritten MaterialLimewire is a file-sharing software that is legal to download and own. It is available in two versions, basic and Pro. The Limewire software legally allows user... Read More »

Why is limewire illegal?

Limewire itself may or may not be illegal, but the sharing of copyrighted, commercial software, music, and video content sure is.That's what RIAA is in such an uproar about.


Limewire is not illegal but downloading musics for free is illegal and sometimes without your anti-virus knowing you could get infected with the Limewire virus