Limewire Help....?

Answer im dont think your music will be deleted and as for free music online...try googling free mp3 download

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Limewire help me!!!!?

IMPORTANT MUST READ WHOLE THING(sorry if it doesn't quite make sense,or doesnt go with your question at all, your question a very common type of question and im just copying and pasteing)although d... Read More »

Limewire help?

the Limweire program is not illegal but the use of the programis illegal. If you are copying the music form another computer you are breaching copyright laws.... but.... the good news it that there... Read More »

Help with Limewire?

I'm not sure what the default directory is but in limewire go to Tools and then click on options and on the left click saving and it should show you the folder the files are saved to.Oh and Limewir... Read More »

Can any one help me ... Is limewire illegal ?

Downloading songs using limewire is illegal, but loads of people do it.limewire's probably the biggest cause of computer virus's. As you cannot really tell where the files are coming from, and many... Read More »