Limera1n wont open up what do you do?

Answer You do nothing, Limera1n hasn't been released yet.

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HELP! Malwarebytes wont open!?

The malware may be blocking it. Try this little trick:1. In Windows Explorer, find the folder with mbam.exe.2. Change the name of the program (it always ends with a .exe) to virtually anything else... Read More »

Youtube WONT OPEN!!?

oh I am having the same problem and just asked the same question and then I saw a bunch of other people did too. Must be something wrong with it not our computers.see all the questions http://answ... Read More »

My mouth wont open all the way! ?

Sounds like TMJ. Get an appointment with your dentist and until then don't eat any chewy foods like candy, gum, chewy bread, and all that kind of stuff. Try not to work your jaw too much, so I'd ju... Read More »

My tumblr site wont open...?

You're right, it can't be found and it's not going to a Tumblr not-found page. Log in and change your theme, perhaps, because maybe that's what the page can't find?