Lime green braces…?

Answer lime green is ok i guess...dark green would be really ugly

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Is a lime a green lemon?

Lemon and limes both belong to the citrus family, but they are not the same fruit. Lemons have a yellow outer rind and limes have a green outer rind--sometimes with a yellowish cast. Limes typicall... Read More »

Do you like the color lime green?

Lime-Green Plants & Flowers?

Green is a common color in backyards or flower gardens due to the presence of grass, trees, flower stems and shrubs. If you're looking to add some brightness to your garden but want to keep the ove... Read More »

What color is lime green?

The color lime green has the appearance of a lighter and brighter green. The lime green color has a mixture of green and yellow colors that gives it an eye-popping and vibrant quality.Source:The Fr... Read More »