Lime Wire sux, what are people using nowadays?

Answer Limewire sux.....limewire PRO doesnt sux,in fact it rox

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Do people still use lime wire to download music?

Limewire damages your computer if you try to download corrupt files. Two examples of files that are obviously corrupt, but your average joe won't spot.Example 1: "horny girl has raging orgasm on we... Read More »

Why do people hate Tom Cruise nowadays?

I reckon one or more of three possible reasons:1. Saturation - people are just sick of him2. Scientology - people think it's all a bit weird3. Smugness - I mean, he really is just unbearably smug, ... Read More »

Lime wire help =]] plz?

You're going to jail; limewire is being monitored since 1.5 years ago.

How do you use Lime Wire?

DONT USE LIME WIRE first of all......use torrent i use bitlord (download site is )then go to to download music, games, tv shows, ect. then aft... Read More »