Lilac Oil Uses?

Answer Lilacs are attractive flowering plants with a pleasant flowery aroma. The oil from lilacs is used for therapeutic, body and household products. The extraction process for obtaining oil from lilac f... Read More »

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A Wilting Lilac?

Lilacs such as the Japanese tree lilac are members of the Oleaceae family. These woody ornamentals can be used as a large shrub or a small tree and produce lovely fragrant flowers. Often used as ac... Read More »


Wherever you cut a branch is where new growth will begin. You want to reduce the height over two to three years ideally. Cut some of the branches back one foot, some, two feet, some three feet, so ... Read More »

About Lilac Trees?

The Japanese tree lilac (Syringa reticulata) is a native of Japan. It is a very large shrub or small tree that produces very large, showy flowers in the summer. The trunk can be trained to grow str... Read More »

Rhododendron vs Lilac?

Rhododendron like full sun, that area is too shady. Lilacs will grow in partial shade. Azaleas might be your best bet..