Lights That Repel Bugs?

Answer As consumers search for green ways to control insects, bug lights and bug traps that make use of lights can be good alternatives to pesticides. Bug lights and bug traps come in fluorescent models, ... Read More »

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Shrubs That Repel Spiders and Bugs?

Use of toxic pesticides can be avoided by choosing insect- and disease-resistant shrub cultivars, according to Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension. Gardeners can choose native shrubs for their abil... Read More »

What Are the Bugs That Have Green Lights in the Eyes?

Insects have compound eyes made of numerous receptors that are each an individual visual unit. Many insects use their eyes to see movement and can't see the details of objects, though the vision of... Read More »

How to Repel Bugs?

Being outdoors is usually fun. But nothing can ruin a camping trip or a walk in the woods like bites and stings from insects. The pain and itching that comes from insect bites can make any outing u... Read More »

How do I repel bed bugs?

Chemical TreatmentSchedule an appointment with a professional pest control specialist. The pest control specialist will treat the areas of the home that are infested with bed bugs using a chemical ... Read More »