Lighting question for video?

Answer Shoot using the bright lights... white. Make skin tones look as natural as possible. If you want to adjust colors in post production, it will be a lot easier.

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Lighting question in bathroom?

Replace them with LED light globes, they use about 90% LESS electricity than halogen lights. As for a night light, if you just replace the light switch with a dimmer switch (SUPER easy to do) you c... Read More »

Need video lighting help?

ok i have emailed you.......the major problem is i dont know if you are doing "walk abouts" or can light rooms/sets at a timeone thing that will help you relax is most people dont notice that white... Read More »

How to Use Lighting for Video Interviews?

One of the most important elements for video production is lighting. In this video interview we show you the best ways to light an interview.

How do i edit the lighting in a Kodak video?

You would need an editing program that will allow you to lighten it. See if the editing program that came with the camera has that.If not, consider buying an editing program with that capability.