Lightening Skin in the Inner Thighs?

Answer The thighs, especially on women, often carry excess fat. Sometimes the fat between the thighs can rub together, which can lead to chaffing and irritation. Once the irritation heals, the skin on the... Read More »

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What could cause a rash and peeling of skin around the inner upper thighs?

I had bright red stripe in the fold of skin between mons and thigh, which appeared two days after I got a wax. It did not itch or burn, but it was BRIGHT RED. It was diagnosed as a candidal skin in... Read More »

How do i get rid of darkness on my inner thighs?

Most probably yes, but you might try it with lemon juice or white vinegar..

How to Lose the Fat on the Inner Thighs?

Inner-thigh fat is one of the mysteries of the human body, and more often than we care to admit, an otherwise slim body can be plagued by fat between the legs. While reducing fat on target areas is... Read More »

How can I get my inner thighs yellow?

dont shower for awhile and all the sweat and sprem running down ur thigh will eventually turn im sure yeller for ya!