Lightening Skin in the Inner Thighs?

Answer The thighs, especially on women, often carry excess fat. Sometimes the fat between the thighs can rub together, which can lead to chaffing and irritation. Once the irritation heals, the skin on the... Read More »

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What is skin lightening?

The body produces a natural pigment called melanin that gives skin, hair and eyes their color. Darker skin tone is the result of higher melanin production. Skin lightening refers to a variety of me... Read More »

Skin Lightening help!?

Well if you’re serious about skin lightening, the best thing I could suggest for you to try is SWISS glutathione bar. It's a skin lightening soap, which is also very good against pimples. You jus... Read More »

About Skin Lightening?

Skin lightening is a personal choice. Its process dates back centuries to the Far East where a milky white complexion signified status. This mentality that lighter is better still exists today with... Read More »

Blacks and skin lightening?