LightWave 3D Rigging Features?

Answer LightWave 10 is the most powerful 3D rigging that NewTek has offered as of 2010. The manufacturer produces rigging software for film professionals and enthusiasts alike. The gaming industry employs... Read More »

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What is lightwave rejuvenation?

Lightwave rejuvenation is a cutting-edge skin care procedure that uses phototherapy to reverse the appearance of damaged skin due to aging or scarring. It is used most commonly as a cosmetic proced... Read More »

How do I Convert Lightwave to Poser Pro?

Lightwave is a 3-D modeling and animation package used for many purposes, including creating commercials, movies and video game content. It can also be used to create 3-D models for use in other pr... Read More »

Please How can i get a driver for a lightwave lw-ic200 pc camera?

Hi,Try here :-…Arnak

How to Tie Rigging Knots?

Rigging is the nautical term for the equipment used to manage a sailboat. It includes the lines, chains and tackle used to run the sails and masts of the vessel. Sailors use hundreds of knots to wo... Read More »