Light gray spot on laptop?

Answer I agree, the most likely cause for this would be the diffuser for the backlight becoming knocked out of place. If you've been carrying your computer around a lot, it may have eventually wriggled it... Read More »

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Colors That Go With Light Gray?

Gray is a neutral color, meaning it goes well any other color. The trick with light gray is pairing the right shade of the matching color to create the impression you desire. You can use light gray... Read More »

Where can I get a "hot spot" locater for my laptop?

NetStumbler is such a program, if you are looking at a software solution that will "ping" everytime a new spot is found (and label it). It can also be mated with a GPS to record location.http://www... Read More »

How to Spot Red Light Cameras?

The purpose of a red light camera is to photograph the license plate of drivers who run red lights to help reduce traffic accidents caused by those who do not abide by the traffic light rules. The ... Read More »

How to Color Gray Hair to a Light Ash Blonde?

Gray hair is inherently difficult to color, and often involves using dyes or progressive hair coloring. Many brands, such as Clairol, Redken, L'Oreal and Satin Color offer light ash blonde hair col... Read More »