Light dimmer, need help!?

Answer LED and CFL dimmers are usually rated for use with incandescent lights as well. As long as you remain below the maximum operating wattage, you should be okay.

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DIY Light Dimmer?

Dimmer switches allow you to control the amount of light in a room at any given time. These are often used to adjust for changing light conditions or adding atmosphere to a room. Most modern dimmer... Read More »

Can I install a dimmer on a three-way light?

Yes. You will first need to determine the dimmer size in order to add up to the maximum fixture wattage that the switch will control. From there, connect all the terminals as you would for a normal... Read More »

How to Install Three Way Light Dimmer Switches?

Installing three-way light dimmer switches can become very complicated and confusing. Only one switch on your three-way circuit can be a dimmer switch and must be installed in the first electrical ... Read More »

How to Make Your Truck Dome Light Dimmer?

Trucks can have lots of quirks. Maybe your passenger side mirror fits weird, or you can't get the bubble out of your tint on the rear window, or possibly, your dome light is too bright. In this ins... Read More »