Light brown discharge and cramps?

Answer Hmm.. I have heard some bad things about Depo but I take the pill and sometimes have brown spotting instead of a period. Maybe the shot just causes light periods for you? My friend has the shot and... Read More »

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What could cause a light clumpy brown almost beige looking discharge with white in it associated with bloating and cramps?

Answer Hello,Several things can cause this type of discharge. UTI Yeast infection. Pregnancy (implantation bleeding). Approaching period. Ovulation discharge.

Is brown discharge and light pink discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Answer yes this a sign of pregmancy... these discharge are called implatation bleeding and it last for one to two days--you can take a hpt to find out if you are pregnant or not..... best wishes A... Read More »

Brownish discharge and light cramps?

You may be about to start your period or if you jsut have it then this is the end of it. That brownish discharge is a very thin, light amount of blood that has been exposed to the air and turns bro... Read More »

Is it normal to have very light brown-pink spotting with light cramps two weeks after your period?

Answer No this isn't normal. It sounds like implantation bleeding. See your doctor for a pregnancy blood test now or wait 2 weeks and do a home pregnancy test.