Light Soy Milk Side Effects?

Answer According to a 2009 article published in "USA Today," it is estimated that 60 percent of the adult population worldwide cannot digest cow's milk. Soy milk and its light variety have become popular ... Read More »

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Does anyone had an side effects from taking Blood pressure medication Effects such as palpitations?

I am permanently tired but unsure as to the cause (or causes - as is my GP) as I take 19 ppd (pills per day) and 20 on Sundays. At least I'm still alive! (In between the long sleeps)I don't find th... Read More »

What was that made for TV movie in the 90's about a different planet with a side in the light and a side in the dark evil vs good?

Which is better, skim milk or light soy milk?

On One Hand: Skim Milk: Weight Control and NutrientsWith only 80 calories and 0 grams of fat in an 8-oz. serving, skim milk helps individuals looking to lose weight. It also provides nutrients, is ... Read More »

The Effects of Homogenization in Soy Milk?

First sought as an alternative to milk by those who are lactose intolerant, soy milk can now be found on the shelves of nearly all grocery stores. Soy milk is a beverage produced by soaking soybean... Read More »