Light & Color Education Games?

Answer Light dispels darkness and color represents life. Students exploring the world of light and color will discover new principles and learn to mix and depict colors. Light and color are vital visual p... Read More »

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Do all light bulbs emit the same color of spectra of light?

No. Light bulbs of different technologies and types will emit light of different colors. Although the human eye will perceive any of them, to be white, they typically have different shades within... Read More »

Is there any way to change ones eye color from dark to light,other than using color contacts?

Pre-K Education Games?

Pre-K children live in a brand new world where everything is exciting and challenging. Everything is a learning experience. Games for Pre-K age children don't need to be complex or complicated. The... Read More »

Games for Education?

Education does not have to strictly take place in a classroom. Students can strengthen and develop their academic skills by playing entertaining games that have educational components. These games ... Read More »