Lifelike Anime Hairstyles?

Answer Dressing up as a character from a Japanese anime for a costume party or a cosplay convention is a thrilling experience, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Planning, working on the costume and f... Read More »

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Various Anime Hairstyles?

Anime hairstyles are all the rage in Japan. Inspired directly by popular anime cartoons that are well loved across the country and the world, people are translating anime hairstyles into real-life ... Read More »

Different Anime Boy Hairstyles?

Hairstyles found in Japanese animation ("anime") include voluminous hair jutting out in unnatural directions in bright, bold colors. When adorned by men in real life, these hairstyles will always c... Read More »

Anime Character Hairstyles?

Although each animator draws based on his personal preferences, a few anime hairstyles are so common that they might be considered fundamental. Any of these styles may be worn in real life by hard-... Read More »

Little Anime Girl Hairstyles?

If you look at pictures of the little girl characters in Japanese animation cartoons, you will see where a lot of the hairstyles that teen girls like come from. They are very perky, childlike and c... Read More »