Life in the UK: Citizenship?

Answer Immigrants who are applying for UK citizenship or Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK are required to take the Life in the UK test. The test was formally introduced by the Home Office, UK Border A... Read More »

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Does a British citizen lose his citizenship if he acquires citizenship of the United States?

A British citizen will not have his citizenship taken away if he acquires citizenship in the United States. Britain is one of many countries that allows and recognizes dual citizenship.References:U... Read More »

How to Get U.S. Citizenship?

A person automatically becomes a U.S. citizen if born in the United States or its territories. A child born outside the U.S. may be considered a citizen at birth if at least one parent was a citize... Read More »

How do i get italian citizenship?

Automatic CitizenshipDetermine if you meet the requirements to qualify for automatic citizenship. If you are born to Italian parents on Italian soil, or if you are adopted by an Italian citizen, yo... Read More »

What is a certificate of citizenship?

A certificate of citizenship is offered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to people who become naturalized citizens of the United States. These certificates can be important... Read More »