Life Expectancty with bad Type II Diabetes?

Answer Good Genetics. He probably could have lived to 100 if he took any precautions at all. We all know people like this and sometimes it seems so unfair, especially to people who do everything they ca... Read More »

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How to Do Life Style Modifications for Type 2 Diabetes?

Healthy diet is essential to lifestyle modification for diabetes.Healthy diet, weight control, quitting smoking, and exercise are essential lifestyle modifications for type 2 diabetes. Here is how.

I have type 1 diabetes. I'm 17 and life is depressing. i feel like i can't do anything anymore..?

I know exactly how you feel. I was 10 when i was diagnosed, and your entire life changes. you feel out of place and bad about standing out. However something that helped me a lot was Diabetic ca... Read More »

Would you pay high premiums for a life insurance policy on a child with type 1 diabetes?

My parents bought me a policy right after I was diagnosed. They must not have had much hope for me. It's long since been cashed in. Really as long as type ones are chugging along these days, I pr... Read More »

Is it true Type 2 diabetes can change to Type 1 diabetes?

No. Some people mistakenly think that Type 2 diabetes becomes Type 1 diabetes when insulin is needed, but that's not the definition of Type 1 diabetes. All Type 1 diabetics need insulin and some Ty... Read More »